A Brief History of Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are so advanced nowadays that it’s difficult to imagine where the idea may have begun. Surprisingly the idea of orthotic foot devices has been around since ancient times. Almost 2000 years ago ancient people would insert layers of wool into their sandals for extra support as one of the first known comfortable pairs of shoes!

In 1905 The Whitman Brace was invented by Royal Whitman and was the first actual foot orthotic. It was unfortunately bulky and heavy and in 1910 Dr. William Scholl came out with one called the Foot-Easer. Lighter and more flexible, millions of pairs were sold. As more and more companies started creating their versions of this over the years, the designs were perfected. Thermoplastic materials (moldable materials) were introduced into the design of orthotic insoles, meaning customization became easier than ever. By 1970 orthotics were being distributed as a treatment option and were even being seen in trendy running shoes.

Nowadays, foot orthotics are prescribed for those with conditions related to foot health, such as diabetes and arthritis. Even the average person can benefit from a pair, especially those who are on their feet all day! They can also be worn for bunions, flat feet, and spinal pain. Comfort Pair can help you find a stylish pair to go with your daily needs, at a phenomenal price. Check out our selection today!

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