The Six Worst Shoes for Your Feet

1. Heels- These put all the pressure on the balls of your feet. This can cause pain and discomfort and the taller the heel the more likely you are to sustain an ankle injury.


2. Wedges- Even though wedges have more support underneath the arch of the foot, they are almost as bad as heels (with the same concept).

3. Cowboy Boots- These stiff sturdy shoes are amazing for mucking out a pig pen but as a daily choice for shoes can be uncomfortable and cause sore feet at the end of your day without proper foot care.

4.Sock Sneakers- Marketed as a lightweight option to sneakers, sock sneakers seem like an amazing idea. In concept however, there is minimal support and protection from rocks and sharp edges. These can be an amazing option for indoor climbers and quick trips to the grocery store but aren’t suitable for running or hiking as they are otherwise marketed.

5. Slides or slippers- These shoes aren’t really shoes at all but more of an alternative to fuzzy socks and slides. Super comfortable and great for these colder months (especially in the morning), however they don’t usually offer any arch support or pressure relief.

Slides and Slippers

6. Pointed toe shoes- These shoes look classy and stylish but end up pushing your toes together too tightly. This causes discomfort over a period and can end with callouses and bruises on your toes after long-term wear. Instead, go for a rounded or square toe.

Pointed Shoes

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