Broken Ankle Pain Treatment

What does it mean to have a 'sprained' or 'twisted' ankle?

This means the connecting ligaments get tweaked, torn, or damaged. These damaged ligaments often happen by being twisted the wrong way while doing physical activity or getting caught on something.

 There are three grades of damage for a twisted ankle, with grade 3 being the worst. To treat a sprained ankle, you will go off these grades of injury.

Grade 1: Rest and ice for 2-3 days

Grade 2: Rest and ice for 5-7 days and ibuprofen for swelling and pain.

Grade 3: Rest and ice for 1-2 weeks, ibuprofen, and a brace. This sprain may need a doctor's visit and will look swollen and purple.

Once healed, using a brace can help keep your ankle sturdy during daily activities. It would help if you also considered sturdy shoes with orthopedics to prevent it from happening again. Comfort Pair has a variety of options to choose from!

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