Avoid Amputation

For the 34 million people in America who are currently living with diabetes, getting a foot or leg amputation can be a necessary procedure due to complications related to the condition. Usually, an amputation is preceded by a foot ulcer or cut, which gets infected and spreads outwards. This can happen due to a condition related to diabetes, called neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy causes a loss of sensation so that when you get injured, you may not realize right away due to not feeling it.

Fortunately for most, this is easily avoidable. Here are five tips to avoid infections that could lead to an amputation:

  1. If you’ve been diagnosed with neuropathy, make sure you always keep your feet protected, even while relaxing at home.
  2. Check your feet every night before bed for cuts, blisters, and other injuries. If you find anything concerning, contact your doctor as soon as possible.
  3. Even if you don’t find anything concerning, make sure to have your doctor examine your feet regularly.
  4. Replace your daily walking shoes every six months to a year.
  5. When shopping for new shoes, make sure to get shoes with a sturdy back and comfortable insole. You also want to make sure the shoes have enough space for inserts (usually prescribed by your doctor) and your feet.

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