Comfort Shoes for Gout

The CDC defines gout as “a common form of inflammatory arthritis” that is characterized by uric acids that crystalize into sharp clusters within your joints. These clusters create painful pressure points, sore joints, and immense discomfort.

A gout flare-up can take 4 hours or more to settle, and walking can be exceptionally painful. Walking is necessary for many people who suffer from gout attacks for their day jobs and everyday lives. Resting and elevating their feet isn’t an option. That makes it crucial to have comfortable footwear to relieve pressure and minimize pain.

When shopping for comfort shoes to relieve gout symptoms, there are a few crucial shoe features to look for that will help an attack tremendously. Comfort Pair takes pride in providing everything you could need in a shoe for gout relief.

Here are six things to look for when shopping for gout relief:

  1. Arch Support
  2. Wide Toe Boxes
  3. Sturdy Outsoles
  4. Cushioned foot beds
  5. Soft Stretch Uppers
  6. Adjustable Straps

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