Does Insole material matter?

Everyone has different needs when picking out the kind of insole for your shoes. It will depend on fit, comfort, health needs, and what kind of shoes you're inserting the insole into. Many people choose insoles to help improve the comfort of their shoes, while others may need specific orthotics for health-related issues such as diabetes. Insoles are also great for added warmth and helping to improve general posture.

Types of material:

  • Foam- This is the most common kind of insole. Naturally shock-absorbing, rigid, but it can wear down quickly.
  • Memory Foam- It molds perfectly to your feet for maximum comfort. It also lasts longer than regular foam.
  • Gel-Increased grip, less slipping, and pain relief. Especially in the balls of your feet. This material is excellent for heels!
  • Air Cushioned- This contains pressurized air bubbles within a supportive foam sole, which can help prolong your shoe's life.
  • Leather- Provides strong arch support because it is thicker and more rigid than other insole materials.

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