February Footwear Fashion

As the first month of 2022 wraps up, and we move into February, fashion needs and styles subtly shift. With a slight change in temperature and a day to celebrate love, this month's fashion choices shine with comfort and dark sultry colors. 2020 ensured we aren't moving too far away from shoes we can work from home in, but instead are more stylized.

This month, many people will wear colors on many shoes and clothes alike, including shades of cream and brown, white, black, deep ruby red, emerald, green, and dark purples. These colors will be sensational with lighter winter outfits and for celebrating Valentine's Day.

This month we will also be transitioning from chunky sneakers and winter boots. Instead of waterproof boots, leather boots and thinner fabric styles are now prominent. Suede sneakers and cozy slip-ons are a fantastic accent to anyone's style. Wedges are an excellent option to dress up an outfit without compromising comfort too much.

Keep in mind that ice and snow may still be present in many places, but the slowly transitioning season into spring means think soles with more breathability. Always ensure that you have shoes to support your ankles and your arches. Open-toed styles should be saved for warm indoor activities only!

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