Find Comfort in your Heels

In general, heels aren’t known to be comfortable. If worn too often, they can be damaging and cause long-term injuries. The style aspect of heels can be hard to resist, however. Heels are well known to elongate the legs and boost your look. Wearing heels is especially difficult with diabetes. Regular shoes (non-orthopedic) can cause injuries and discomfort, let alone heels.

Comfort shoes and orthotics offer snug heels while being fashionable and stylish. Orthopedic heels are specially made to assist those with bunions, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis. Many comfort heels also have removable inserts for custom orthotics. Style options include heels, platforms, and even wedges. You can also pick from an impressive variety of patterns and colors!
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Try these tips for maximum comfort:

  • Stretch them out with thick socks and break them in at home
  • Try gel or padded inserts
  • Tape your toes together for closed-toed heels
  • Wear regular heels less often and try comfort heels

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