How to Care for Leather Shoes

Most people don’t realize, but leather needs to be taken care of more than other types of materials. They can get scuffed and damaged over time and decrease their comfort. Here are six tips to keep your leather shoes in top shape:

  1. Try to refrain from wearing them daily.
  2. Clean them after each wear with a shoe brush or cloth.
  3. Store them with a shoe tree inside them.
  4. Avoid wearing them in inclement weather.
  5. Polish the leather after you wear them six times in a row. Remember that this requires multiple steps, including applying a conditioner or protector of some sort.
  6. Store them in a shoe bag when they aren’t in use.

These steps can ensure your leather shoes have a dramatically longer lifespan. At comfort pair, one of the most popular types of shoes you’ll find is leather!

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