What is a gait analysis and why you should get one?

If you’ve been experiencing pain in your hips, back, or lower body, you may want to consider getting a gait analysis. Especially if you’ve ruled out other reasons that may be causing pain and you move regularly. This can be good for athletes and if someone works a job where they are on their feet all day long. An analysis can show other things besides walking stance that could be causing you pain as well!

A complete analysis of your body will be taken statically, then dynamically. You’ll typically end the study running on a treadmill. You are getting a personalized body map that measures everything from possible bone deformities to nerve dysfunction. It is a comprehensive evaluation of the way an individual stands and walks.

Gait Analysis

As a noninvasive testing method, a gait analysis helps identify specific medical conditions, determine whether further testing is required, and offer possible treatment options. Whether you are experiencing exceptional pain or not, it can be amazingly useful information.

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