When to replace walking shoes

Many people don’t realize just how often their walking and running shoes need to be replaced. The cost of replacing them can be staggering, and you may be under the impression that if there are no holes, you are good to go. However, most walking shoes need to be replaced every six months, and typically running shoes need to be replaced every three months.

This time frame also depends on how much you weigh and how often you walk and run. Here are a few signs to look out for when deciding to replace your shoes:

  • The pattern on the sole of your shoe is worn down, gone completely, or a new color is peeking through the bottom.
  • On the side of the foam cushioning, you can see wrinkles and tears.
  • The heel of the shoe is worn down on one side.
  • The shape of your foot is permanently molded into the sole of the shoe.
  • There are holes and tears around the seams connecting each separate part of the shoe.
You can try replacing the insole with increasing the wear time and always make sure to recycle old shoes. Make sure to check out Comfort Pair if you are ready to replace your old walking shoes!

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