Shoes for Standing All Day

For many people, their job requires standing and moving around all day long, sometimes even for 12 hours a day. For this type of work, proper footwear is essential for helping with sore, swollen feet.

shoes for standing all day

The type of shoe you wear for maximum comfort is different for every job like this, whether you be a nurse running between patients or a coach pacing concrete. There are, however, a few essential attributes that everyone should be looking for in a shoe to withstand these extended hours.

Here are four things to look for in a shoe if you find yourself standing all day long:

  1. The outsole should be wide and flat
  2. The midsole should be extra thick and cushioned
  3. A spacious upper area, near your toes
  4. A good grip for any type of floor has the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear for withstanding your active job! Check out our specific selection of work shoes today!

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