Sleeping with Socks On

If you find yourself struggling with temperature regulation and falling asleep quickly, you may want to try slipping into your coziest pair of socks before bed. Research shows that wearing socks to bed helps stimulate vasodilation in your feet. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels to increase blood flow and bring oxygen to vital parts of your body. It is a crucial function of your body that prepares you to sleep and redistributes heat evenly throughout your body.

Wearing socks to help with temperature regulation helps with many other bodily functions throughout the night. Here are four things sleeping with socks can help with:

  1. Wards off night sweats
  2. It helps prevent a Raynaud’s attack
  3. It helps maintain moisture to prevent dry, cracked feet
  4. It prevents hot flashes

Always wear a fresh, clean pair to get the most benefits from wearing socks to bed. If you can, washing your feet every night or taking a hot bath or shower can also help with temperature regulation. Make sure never to wear tight-fitting socks as they can restrict circulation.

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