8 Tips to Measure Your Shoe Size when Ordering Online

Your feet are not chronically the same size all the time. There are several aspects that affect the size of your feet like age, health issues, activity factors, and even the weather. Ordering shoes online can be difficult as shoes tend to be cut uniquely.

Follow these 8 tips to measure your shoe size when ordering online:

1. Measure your feet while standing. Your feet flatten out and tend to be slightly bigger while standing.


2. Measure your feet at least once per year. Your feet change and flatten as you get older.


3. A lot of times, we will have one foot longer than the other. Always go with the longest foot when measuring for new shoes.


4. Measure your feet in the evening when they are more prone to be tired and swollen.


5. Always go up half a size when ordering online and then add in orthopedics, as necessary. Try Comfortpair's specialty orthopedic shoes!


6. Check reviews to see if people mention if they run small, big, or as advertised.


7. Understand that shoes do not stretch, so do not order a smaller size expecting this. When shoes are described as "stretching," it is usually just the fibers tearing.


8. When the shoes arrive, walk around in them to make sure they are comfortable before deciding to keep them.

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