Foot care while at the Beach!

Your feet may be the last thing on your mind while enjoying a trip to the beach, but they are just as important as how you feel in your new swimsuit! Make sure to keep these tips in mind while soaking up that vitamin D:

  • Protect your feet from cuts by looking out for sharp objects commonly found on the beach. When you aren’t in the water, wearing shoes can protect your otherwise bare feet. Also, never go back into the water with deep puncture wounds; the ocean carries bacteria that can cause infections!

  • Wildlife injuries to your feet are surprisingly common on the beach. Keep an eye out for jellyfish, sea urchins, and sharp teeth. Although washed up, these can all still hurt you significantly!

  • Wear sun protection on your feet also! High SPF sunscreen (applied regularly) can protect your feet from sunburns and skin cancer in the future.

  • Be careful on uneven surfaces such as the sand found on beaches. Running, jumping, and other physical activities can twist your ankle and cause arch feet with improper support on these surfaces. While engaging in beach sports, always wear athletic or orthopedic footwear.

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  • Be especially careful with Diabetic feet. Diabetes can cause numbness and poor circulation, preventing you from noticing any of the injuries mentioned above!

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