Find your Sole-mate for Valentine’s Day!

Arguably the most essential part of your shoes, the sole of your shoe is the bottom outer part that touches the ground when you’re walking. Over the past couple hundred years, soles have been revolutionized and reinvented to be sturdier and more flexible for all kinds of different shoes. The sole type on your shoe depends on what you’re using your shoes for.

Shoe soles can be made from leather, rubber, and PVC compounds to name a few. Runners, dancers, and people who work on their feet all day should all have different types of shoes and shoe soles. If you have foot health issues or sore feet all the time, your soles may need to be thicker, more flexible, and cushioned, such as the soles found on orthopedic shoes.

Orthopedic shoes or comfort shoes have a sole made specifically for those who need extra stability and comfort. Though they are thicker, comfort shoes have become fashionable and widely sold to everyone.

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