How to Prevent Osteomyelitis

What is it?

Osteomyelitis (of the feet) is a bone infection that commonly affects diabetic patients due to the presence of diabetic foot ulcers. This condition develops when an ulcer or open sore becomes infected and cannot heal. Sometimes this can occur because nerve damage makes injuries unable to be felt until it’s too late. Osteomyelitis can be completely painless, so it’s important to recognize other symptoms such as fever, nausea, or swelling.

How to prevent osteomyelitis

How to Prevent and Treat

Treating osteomyelitis depends on the severity of the infection, and there are many treatment options available. Treatment options include:

Antibiotics to treat the infection

Surgical Debridement to remove dead tissue and bone

Offloading to relieve pressure from the ulcer and allow it to heal

Proper footwear to prevent further injury.

Other prevention tips include:

  • Properly sized shoes
  • Keeping your feet clean and moisturized
  • Examining your feet and ankles daily to check for new injuries
  • Managing your other diabetic symptoms

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