The importance of stretching your feet

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies, and yet our foot health is so often overlooked. Not paying attention to this can cause injuries to occur when they could have been so easily prevented. Our feet carry the total weight of our bodies all day long during most physical activities, and we must pay attention to how our feet are feeling and operating.

Stretching, rolling out, and rubbing your feet are vital for preventing injuries and helping with current ones. Tight feet can lead to a loss of flexibility that causes pain when hiking, running, and jumping. Stretching your feet can also help with specific medical conditions like plantar fasciitis.  

Here are some ways to stretch out your feet and improve flexibility:

  1. Pick up marbles and put them in a separate bowl with your toes
  2. Go for a walk in soft sand
  3. Do specific toe and foot stretches (you can find some good ones online!)
  4. Roll your foot out with a golf or tennis ball

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